Items shown here are:
Video multiplexor testing panels (for apple // or //e I think) as used in Apple Cork's plant. I remember there was a burn-in rack in the Cork Plant, Apple ][s would run their diagnostics (I think from a diskette) and then 'beep' when finished and the test was repeated. So if you entered the plant you could hear the continous 'chirping' of the machines as there would have many machines in the burnin. A single Apple ][ was used as a controller - I'm not too sure exacly what it did, perhaps controlled the video multiplor cards shown in the images here. On one occasion, before I joined in 1983 Steve Jobs visited the Cork plant. He gave a town hall on the production floor - but the chirping sounds from the burn-in shelves annoyed him so he ordered that they all be turned off. Which of course was done, but it cost many $ as all the tests had to be restarted. Normally a each machine would run tests for several days.

Prototype Single Stepper wire wrap diagnostic 6502 processor tool for apple ][ and //e. This was designed in Apple Cork.This was then used to build a pcb version of the stepper, also shown. Only about 8 of these were ever built. These were used by Apple technichians to debug Apple ][ mother board problems.

PackStation - A mac program developed in Cork (in Pascal). This was controlled by a central Vax microcomputer which also controlle the distribution warehouse - a carosel system for storing product before shipping. Around the time of the first Macs.